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Modern Christmas decor ideas for your new home


New Home Christmas Décor

It’s that time of year when we begin to start thinking about decorating our homes for the festive season. And, if this is the first Christmas in your new home, then you might be looking for inspiration for modern ideas to complement the contemporary feel of your space.

Thankfully, we have lots of ideas when it comes to adding a modern touch to your Christmas decorating theme. Hopefully, our article will inspire you to be creative and opt for something a little different this season…


Monochrome moments

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Christmas décor doesn’t have to mean flooding your home with oodles of red and green. In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of homes opting for a black and white Christmas colour scheme to blend in with their modern home interior. A monochrome Christmas theme might seem bold, but it is also ultra-stylish and very fitting if you want to surprise guests with something sophisticated and sassy.


Black and white decorations, ribbons, and baubles look classy on a real tree, otherwise you could opt for a white faux tree to keep things even truer to the theme. Collections of black candles huddled together at different heights form a trendy dinner table display, while merry metal display signs add to an industrial festive theme when stood over fireplaces or sat on a windowsill. Also, remember to wrap all your gifts in monochrome paper too so that they look neat and stylish when sitting under your tree.




Go Golden

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A golden colour scheme creates an aura of warmness, luxury, and glamour, which works really well to soften a cool, modern home. If your interior décor features a lot of white and grey, then add pops of gold with table décor, cushion covers, lampshades, and candles for a contrasting glow.

On your tree, keep all the decorations gold, brass, or copper, and opt for warm gold lights, as opposed to the silver/blue variety. Gold-hued fairy lights can also be draped over a fireplace, book shelving, or placed in glass vases around your living room to let that warm, glowing light spread a little further.





A Scandi style

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Scandi style is about creating an interior that is fresh, modern, and down to earth – and, this can continue into your Christmas décor theme too. Go with an all-white colour scheme to create a magical snowscape, while making things cosy with layered fabrics, warm lighting, and enchanting accessories. Look to add faux-fur throws on chairs or sofas, and drape white paper stars from the walls at different heights, or in a window setting.


Creating that connection with nature is also really important with a Nordic theme, so bring in winter foliage from outside including holly stems, pinecones, mistletoe, and winterberries, to form table décor or to dress a shelf. Reindeers, arctic foxes, and white moose are all animals native to Scandinavia, so dot wooden or woollen versions of these woodland creatures around your home to bring life to your festive display.




Think eco

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By choosing to live in a newly built home, you’ve already committed to a more eco-friendly and low waste lifestyle. Therefore, this Christmas, you might want to consider less excess, tinsel and overspending when it comes to your Christmas décor. A more ethical Christmas décor theme consists of using what you already have, or making things from recycled materials, which can still have amazing effects.


Handmade Christmas crackers and ornaments look even more special than bought versions, and you could have tonnes of fun making them with your family on a cold, winter weekend. Use magazines, cardboard boxes bits of fabric, and beads to create your decorations, and hang them from shelves, windows, doors, and furniture to show-off your creations. Glass jars also look beautiful when filled with simple white candles (natural wax of course!) or alternatively fill them with holly sprigs, pinecones, or painted branches. Did you know, you can also make your own table confetti by punching holes in leaves or petals using an office hole punch – the results will be much more fabulous than the plastic type!


Hopefully we’ve given you a little festive inspiration to get started this weekend, and we look forward to seeing your creations when you share them on social media. Remember to tag us @wardhomesyorkshire.


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